Ingame date: Wednesday, January 26, 2355

Narrator: Vector

Players: Vector, Kenoshi, Koz, Yosho, Lexington, Yarrick

Location: Chinatown, Shangri-La

Summary: Another day in Chinatown, in Shangri-La. Vector, Yosho and Kenoshi are enjoying some noodles from their noodle shop when they spot a young Russian woman (Lexington). Having just recently been the targets of an assassination attempt by the Russian Mob, the two officers assume that the woman is a spy for the Russians. They start to pursue her, resulting in a comical chase and confrontation that ensnares a number of bystanders. Things turn from comical to serious when Yosho is badly injured in a resulting gunfight in an apartment, and the stand off abruptly ends, leading Vector and Kenoshi to be formally introduced to Lexington, who then meet a few hours in the Golden Dragon bar to make amends.