Name: Alexander Bright

Species: Human

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 pounds

Eyes: Green

Hair color: Brown

Race: Caucasian

Age: Born on December 25, 2330 (25 years old)

Faction: Terran Empire

Profession: Crown Prince of the Terran Empire

Background: Alexander was born on Earth, in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, 2330. The son of risinf political star Jeremy Bright, he lived a life of privilege, attending private schools, and wanting for nothing. He was always a troublemaker, using his position of privilege to get him out of trouble. This troublesome nature led to a variety of extracurricular activities, including fencing, skiff racing, and yachting.

When his father scended to the presidency, and later assumed the title of Emperor, Alexander took on a very public role, making publicity appearances, and fashioning himself as something of a celebrity. Ever eager to prove the superiority of the Human race, Alexander began participating in various sporting events, such as skiff racing on the public circuit, to demonstrate what he, a human "everyman" can do.

Skills: Alexander's primary skill is as a public figure, able to easily lead a crowd and spur positive publicity for himself and his father. Other skills, though, include hand to hand combat, piloting, driving, and acrobatics, a result of his drive to demonstrate the 'perfection' of the human form. While he is able to handle a firearm with proficiency, he would rather use his vast resources to solve problems.

Personality: Alexander comes off as self-centered, conceited, and above all, sadistic. Alexander loves publicity, and will do anything to have his face in the papers, though outside of public life, he revels in the debauchery and hedonism that comes with being the crown prince.

Appearance: Alexander is a human, around 6'2" tall, with caucasian skin and brown hair. He is oftentimes dressed in something ceremonial, almost always a reproduction of Roman Centurion armor, with a red cape.