RP Thread summary: Breaking and Entering

In game time: September 12, 2354

Narrators: Temper, Kenoshi, Crowley

Players: Selina, Temper, Vector, Hella, Temper, Yarrick, Kenoshi, Clockwork

Location: A pirate base outside of Ceres


The band of confederate officers, strapped for some free cash, along with the familiar mercenaries are gathered together again for some work to eliminate a pirate threat who have been raiding the shipping around the asteroid colony of Ceres. They are hired out by Temper, working under un-offical channels as the confed just wants to get the job done this time, without worrying about staining their own hands of the matter.

If this wasn't enough, the pirates had stolen a valuable item from the confederation, an item so classified, that even Temper, their contact, was not informed of what the item was, other then a description of the breifcase it was in and that the Confed needed it back.

Brute force tactics with larger, military ships to eliminate the pirates by force has been, so far, to no avail as the sneaky and elusive raiders have a hidden base that, until recently, has gone undetected: an abandoned mining facility. The pirates are well dug in and would be quick to re-locate should a capital ship ever manage to find them. In this case, stealth and an elite team of commandos was needed to eliminate the threat, from the inside.

The team consists of an experienced Talesian smuggler, good at getting in, and out of places in a pinch, a resourceful and energetic border-collie, a die-hard Confederate Marine and a Selvan bringing the heavy artillery to roast the brigands before they knew what happened.

After drilling into the hull of the pirate base, the team made quick work of dispatching the pirates; Vector’s plasma canon artillery scorching most before they could react.

The pirate leader was a little more resourceful, but the bigger they are- the harder they fall, and this was certainly the case here.

With all the pirates dead, snatching the classified goods and getting back to Ceres was cakewalk. The crew of commandos had both covered up an embarrassing loss from the Confederation, at the same time doing a great service to the merchants who were harrased by these space corsairs.