Two hundred years ago, mankind took to the stars, and shortly after first contact with the Selven; they founded the confederation- a loose system of interplanetary government which allowed worlds to independently govern themselves while having the strength of a unified military and economy to support and protect them in times of need.

Since its inception, the Confederation has spread humanity to the edges of known space, colonizing or conquering worlds to ensure that mankind spreads to the far corners of space.

The first Civil war in the Confederation fifty years ago resulted in the creation of many small, splinter factions, and the instability of this time period allowed the Talosians to rise in power and etch out their own claims in known space, known as the Talesian Star Republic.

The Tariez war re-unified these smaller factions back into the Confederation to fight off a larger common threat. A grand alliance was formed with the now formidable Talosian Republic; each faction respecting their own claims on space and putting aside their differences to fight off a common threat.

Following the Great War, the grand alliance between the Confederation and the Talosian Republic fell apart, and ushered in an era of Cold War between the two empires.

In addition, the president of the Confederation, Jeremy Bright started to seize power within the confederation Senate. Ten years after the Tariez war, leading up to recent events; Jeremy Bright was declared Emporer of the new Empire of Terra, and the Confederation was disbanded.

Over the next few months, the new Empire proceeded to exile all non human or recom citizens from Earth. This included all AIs as well as alien species residing on the core worlds of the former confederation, such as Talosians and even Selvens.

This act did not go over well with the Selvens and the smaller factions that had been reabsorbed into the Confederation, now Empire, after the last Civil War. Arua and many of the outerworlds and colonies of the former Confederation broke off seceded and broke off from the Empire of Terra, forming a new Confederation under the Articles of the Confederation, once again splitting the realm of humanity into two factions, and plunging into civil war.


With the Emporer removed from power, the Empire has been disolved and the Confederation parliment has been restored. The seat of the confederation moved back to Earth; but Arua still remains a powerful ally in the reconstruction of the Terran Confederation.

Seat or Government center: Earth, Sol system

Controlled Regions of space: Sol, Arua and all Terran colonies that ally their loyalty to the Confederation. The Confederation remains the most wide-spread faction in Neospace, though only the worlds close to Earth and Arua remain under the direct control and guidance of the Confederation goverment and military.

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