Name: Elton Bogeta Greensleeves

Species: Recom, Irish Hare

Height: 4'2"

Weight: 57 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair/Fur color: Gray and white

Age: Born on September 6, 2332 (23 years old)

Faction: Independent

Profession: Mercenary Pilot

Background: Elton was born on a colony world on the edge of Confed space. He'd always had a strong interest in flying, and not much interest in anything else. He'd dropped out of high school and was looking at a future in dead end jobs, until a neighboring colony world decided to invade his world in an attempt to claim rights to mineral resources there. The planetary militia was desperate for recruits, so he signed on, and ended up getting his flight training that way. After fighting in an 18 month war, and winning, his government decided that to retire its military forces and in the future contract outside help with defense matters, as a cost-cutting measure.

Elton decided that he wanted to continue working as a pilot in the military, little else being of any interest to him, so he joined up with an off-world mercenary company and left his home behind for good. In the four years that have followed he has been involved in a number of operations on different worlds. When one company folded, he was quick to move on to another one. As of very recently he's joined with a new company that is stationed on the dead world of Cehria.

Skills: Elton is a pilot, first and foremost. Whether it's flying a cargo ship, or a dropship, in atmosphere or in vacuum, that is what he was born to do. He's not physically very formidable when it comes to brawling, being small and light, but behind the controls of a gunship he is fearless and very competent. If forced into a fight without heavy hardware to back him up, he is very nimble and hard to touch, and he has moderate skill in light firearms.

Personality: Elton comes across as lazy and relaxed, confident in his abilities and certain that things will just work out for him in the end. He seems to make as little effort as he has to, unless something can really grab his attention and motivate him. He's generally nice to people, but he has a sharp tongue and is not afraid to tell somebody what he thinks about him.

Appearance: Elton is an anthropomorphic hare, with short gray fur, white along the ventral surfaces. He's short and skinny, and has long ears and large feet. Being descended from a line of recoms created for the entertainment industry, he has a generally non-threatening and photogenic appearance. He prefers casual clothing when he's not dressed for duty, t-shirts and shorts being his favorite attire. He doesn't bother with shoes unless he really needs them, but when he wears them he prefers red canvas sneakers.