In game time: April 2350

Narrator: Crowley

Players: Kenoshi, Cleod Hunter

Location: Cehria

Summary: While the Hammerfall is in orbit around Cehria, Kenoshi takes the opportunity to search in the desert for the grave of Cleod Hunter, his old friend and mentor back from his days on BST. Caught in an unexpected thunderstorm he finds a moment of exhilaration, running through the rain. His joy comes to an abrupt end when he is struck repeatedly by bolts of lightning, leaving him prone and dying on the muddy ground, regretting his failures in life. Then he finds himself in the presence of Cleod Hunter, alive and well. The two of them are outside of time, in between the final seconds of both of their lives. They talk for a long time, going through a tour of the details of Kenoshi's troubled life and showing him that he has not been a failure and that still has a lot left to live for. Cleod sends Kenoshi back to the moment where he left, alive once again, but twenty years older. Kenoshi has a new sense of purpose in life, but he also is aware of when, where, and how he will die. This knowledge that he is living on borrowed time gives him a strange sense of peace, and he sets out to live the life that he had been afraid to live.