In game date: Friday, January 21, 2355

Narrator: Temper

Players: Temper, Akai, Lexington, Stranger

Location: Sublevels, Lower City, Shangri-La

Summary: Temper hires Akai, Lexington, and Stranger to infiltrate a secret Confed base located deep beneath the sublevels of the Lower City of Shangri-La, with the intent of flooding the base and, in the ensuing chaos, steal vital data from a heavily guarded computer there. The mission does not go smoothly, though, when Akai and Lexington encounter a giant insectoid monster in one of the tunnels beneath the base. Barely escaping with their lives, with some assistance from Stranger, they manage to flood the base, only to find that the Confed officials there had set them up. Knowing that they were coming, they arranged for the group to be attacked by a pair of deadly power armor suits. They once again barely manage to defeat their attackers and escape alive.

Having been cheated of their pay, they decided to take revenge against the Confed officials who had set them up, though they would hire others to do the dirty work for them.