The most populus race in the known universe is Humanity, a race which originated from Terra or "Earth" in the Sol system. Humanity's desire for colonization and exploration have spread the species to all corners of the known universe with their will to endure.

Humans are the driving force behind three of the four major factions in space: the Empire of Terra, The Confederation, and the egotistical Tariez Empire.

Physical Description:

Avg Height: 5.5-6.5’
Avg Weight: 90-250 lbs
Avg Lifespan: 90-120 years
Climate: Prefered temperate, but can adjust to any climate

Humans are fair-skinned bi-pedial beings; evolved from primates on Terra. Averging about 6 feet in height, humans lack any external features such as a tail that were present in their primate ancestors. Like other mammalinoid species, Humans still have some body hair on their heads and other isolated patches on their body, though they lack an even coat of fur.


Homeworld: Terra in the Sol system

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