Name: Hyper_Shadow (Birthname forgotten)

Species: Homo Sapiens (Humans, for anyone who didn't know)

Height: 6' 4" (about 1.9 meters)

Weight: 84 kg (185 lbs.)

Eyes: Brown

Hair color: Dark Brown, almost Black

Age: 26

Faction: HyperShadow Weapons Corporation (Private Space-based Defense and Weapons Contractor)

Profession: CEO of above corporation

Background: After completing schooling in MIT, Hyper_Shadow moved to Auckland so he could build spacecraft and test them by use of the Auckland Spaceport.

Recently suffered from amnesia as a result of a test in directly controlling drones and mechs. Currently in recovery.

Skills: Spacecraft design and flight

Personality: Prefers to work solitary, but is quick to make friends. Carefree, hates tedious work (except when he directly benefits). Attempts to stay up to date on the latest technology.

Notes: As a businessman, rarely deals with potential customers, so uses most of his spacecraft as exploration vessels. Free-lance captain during his free time.

Past projects:

-Valhalla - a generic spacecraft built as a prototype for models to come

-Valhalla II - A refurbished Valhalla which eventually suffered from computer failure and self destructed as a result.

-Valhalla III - A newer version of the Valhalla Spacecraft which added in more complex technology, such as a com unit and an airlock.

-Valhalla IV - A almost fully autonomous update of the Valhalla III run by robots. Added in one recreational room

Current Project:

-Valhalla V ("Gunway") The first spacecraft carrier made by HSWC. Made mostly of a long tube with a pyramid set on the top of the back end. The tube houses the gunway, a cargo bay/docking port/airlock/flight deck/runway/hangar/cannon. Currently building an airlock, but due to software malfunctions, unable to work as intended. Seeking Vector Sprint for help. Almost completely covered in defense systems. Just BEGGING to be a military ship.

-HSWC Valkyrie Class - A new line of fighters currently being designed by HSWC. Variants include:

-scout - looking to hunt down trouble ahead of the fleet itself

-seeker - to finish off the scouts' prey

-rescue - built for mid-flight refueling and repair

-cargo - to deliver the payload in mid-flight

-drone - shot at hypersonic speeds from the gunway as kamikaze craft. Otherwise, it can serve the purpose of almost any of these craft.

Future Projects:

None planned