Species: Human?

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Green, with a hint of red

Hair: Brown

Age: 26

Faction: Unaligned, Independent

Background: Janus has established a minor reputation as a tinker of exceptional talent, if you need something fixed or a piece of tech built to custom specs he is your man.

Janus will occasionally run ops in the field (for the right price) and has several custom built implements of death that are fairly impressive. of Note is a rather large two handed blade Janus has as well as Katar with several nasty customizations.

Skills: Janus is a tinkerer of the first order, he has a mechanical aptitude and is conversant with most modern electronics. Janus has no formal training in this and appears to be a savant.

Janus is a fairly competent swordsman and can handle most firearms. He can fly most vehicles but only to get you to your destination, not get you there fast or avoid any real pursuit.

Janus also has a seemingly supernatural ability, when he handles an object he gains a sense of it and can determine if it is working, why it is not working a other important details.

Personality: Janus tends to be rather analytical in his lab/workshop however out in the field he is decisive and will give orders in the absence of any defined leaders. otherwise he will follow the chain of command.