Evolving on an ocean based world consisting mostly of small islands, Selven society was, for a long time, tribal in nature. That tribal nature extends to this day and is present in their government, and the council of 13 elders that govern Raiz.

The Selven are an advanced race, with a mean tech-level above the standard of the Confederation. They excel in the fields of medical technology, recreational and entertainment technology, and robotics. Their technology is very peaceful in nature, and usually has some use to benefit their society rather than to wage war.

The Selven helped Humans form the Confederation 200 years ago, and were very happy to make contact, previously thinking themselves to be the only form of life in the galaxy. Selven technology has helped catapult the art of space travel to its present state.

Physical Description:

Avg Height: 5-5.5’
Avg Weight: 75-125 lbs
Avg Lifespan: 170-200 years

Climate: The Selvan homeworld is a Class-O world with a temperate subtropical climate. They like their weather to be warm and humid, but can adapt to almost any climate, being almost as adaptable as humans.

Selvens are carnivorous "dinosaur"-like humanoids with short, stubby tails and large rounded muzzles. Selvens have sharp, raptor-like teeth and short, stubby arms with three fingered hands and opposable thumbs. Unlike other humanoids, Selvens are not fully bipedial; instead they have a curved spinal structure, a throwback to their beast of burden ancestors.

Altough they have the appearance of being reptilian, Selvens are warm blooded. The Selven are the evolved descendents of pack-animals used by the Saurians millions of years ago. They bear no resemblance to those ancient ancestors, aside from dinosaurian-like features.

Homeworld: Arua in the Alpha Centauri system

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