Planet: Talesia (Talas IV)

Type: Temperate class M planet

Location: 4th planet of the Talas System

Satellites: One, roughly 1.5x the size of sol’s moon.

Surface Gravity: 1 g

Atmosphere:Carbon Dixode/ Nitrogen/ Oxygen- Class M rating similar to Earth’s atmosphere.

Primary Faction: Talesian Star Republic

Government: Republic

Population: 7,500,000,000

Demographics: 95% Talesian, 4% Human/ Recom, 1% Wu Jen


Talesia is the home world of the Talesians, a eutmathic young, militaristic yet scientific and ordered canine-bipedial race.It is also the council seat for the Talesian Star Republic, the largest alien controlled empire in known space.

Translated, Talesia means "Jewel of the Sun" in Talesian, and Talesian means "Children of the Sun" which is the origin of the planet's name.

Talesia is roughly the same size as Terra (Earth). Talesia’s oceans cover 65% of the planet compared to earth’s 70%. Talesia’s landmass is therefore marginally bigger then that of Terra, but still fits within the parameters of a temparate class M planet.

Talesia supports a wide variety of plant and animal lifeforms.Ranging from microbes to trees, grass, flowers, insects and invertebrates, fish, mammals and avians alike; many are similar to what evolved on earth, with their own alien differences.  

Feral canines believed to be primitive relatives of the Talesian race still exist in small numbers in Talesian Zoos, but have been hunted or displaced to extinction in the wild.Over 35% of Talesia’s landmass consists of heavily developed urban cities, and ruins of dead cities, Relics from the Talesian Great War.