The Tairez EmpireEdit

The Tairez Empire is an interstellar empire of humans, which originated on the far side of the galaxy. The current wherabouts of the Tairez Homeworld and the current activity of its starfleet is unknown.

History Edit

The Tairez Empire is an ancient faction, second only to the Saurians in their age. The early history of the Tairez empire has been lost to history, but at the end of their existance, the Tairez were a world-building civilization, and had an extensive knowledge of advanced technology, including gravitics, directed energy weapons, faster than light travel and communication, energy shielding, quantum manipulation, and knowledge of the eleven dimensions of space.


The Tairez Empire colonized many worlds in the lifetime of their civilization, and they left many remnants of their technology behind on those worlds. It is unknown how many worlds the Tairez Empire did indeed settle, but it is believed that they were capable of intergalactic travel, and settled many worlds in the local galactic group.


The Tairez were a technlogically advanced civilization, easily capable of world building. They constructed several megalithic structures, including the Warp Gates, at least one ringworld, and numerous dyson spheres. The Tairez also took part in active terraforming of several worlds, in various states of uninhabitability, making them quite like their homeworld.


The Tairez Empire employed many weapons, as they were not an entirely peaceful civilization, clashing with their rivals, the Saurians, many times in their history. As a whole, Tairez weapons were primarily energy based, though they did posess many missile weapons and used mass drivers on a small scale. The dependence on energy weapons was likely due to the amount of energy the Tairez had at their disposal, allowing them to pack more energy per shot than a comparable ballistic weapon could. An extention of the use of energy weapons was the use of shields. Tairez shields were capable of deflecting projectile based weapons, and absorbing energy weapons fire. However, these devices were not perfect, and would burn out after absorbing so much damage.

Energy GenerationEdit