In game time: March 21, 2355

Narrator: Kenoshi, Nikopol

Players: Kenoshi, Nikopol

Location: A ritzy casino on New Las Vegas

Summary: Kenoshi and Nikopol decide to take a shuttle from the Hammerfall, which is undergoing repairs in a neighboring system, and Jump over to a desert world that is the location for the city of New Las Vegas. Pretty much the only city on the desolate, failed terraforming project, New Las Vegas is a recreation of the glitz and splendor of its namesake back on Old Terra. But much bigger, more opulent, more decadent, and with no offworld authorities to bring down peoples' spirits with petty little things like laws against various vices. Truly anything goes there, so long as you don't mess with the local authorities, or do anything to upset the guests there too much.

Kenoshi and Nikopol are there to gamble, to enjoy the spectacle, and cause trouble. Causing trouble isn't a conscious choice on their part, but it just tends to happen anyways. While walking through an Egyptian-themed casino they see some strange sights there, signs of some bizarre alien presence infesting the place. In spite of ill omens, Kenoshi decides to accept an invitation to take part in a strip-tease show to fill in for another fox who left at the last moment. It turns out to be a trap set up by the actual owners of New Las Vegas: the terrorist group known as "Heiro's Heroes". They tell him that they use the city to raise funds for their cause, and they expect him and Nikopol to not cause any disruptions to their operations. Kenoshi agrees, and finds Nikopol, but no sooner than they decide to go get some dinner they find a man who is possessed by some alien presence that threatens to cause massive civilian deaths if they don't stop him. Their efforts to stop the man, and the thing he is hosting, are successful, but they manage to demolish an entire level of the hotel. So much for staying out of trouble. The two are confronted by the authorities there and are pressed into doing a favor for Heiro's Heroes: demolishing an orbiting casino ran by business rivals.