The Draconic Wu Jen are a proud and culture-rich race from a system which resides within the Talosian Star Republic. They mix advanced technology with a culture rooted in mysticism and art. They are as industrial as they are cultured, and integrate the advanced technology given to them by the Talosians into their society and way of life.

The Wu Jen are master-crafters of exotic melee weapons. Vibroblades and Powered Swords crafted by the Wu Jen are the best in the known galaxy. Several more exotic and advanced melee weapons such as the retractable crystalline glassteel swords are made only by the Wu Jen.

Much like Talosians, Wu Jen have evolved as a varied appearance but genetically compatible race. This came from natural evolution to the extreme and wide ranging climates on their homeworld, Xiang.

Most of these variants are resistant and take an “essence” of one extreme condition; such as extreme heat in heightened volcanic areas (Fire), Extreme conditions in arctic areas of Xiang (Cold), Evolving from a nomadic society on one of Xiang’s large oceans (Water), Toxic environments such as swamps with deadly natural gases (Acid, poison gas), Areas of Xiang with heightened year-round thunderstorms and heavy winds (Lightning, Wind), etc.

Physical Appearance:

Avg Height: 5-8’
Avg Weight: 150-500 lbs
Avg Lifespan: 190-250 years

Climate: Varies, but Extreme

Wu Jen vary greatly in appearance but have some common features. All have long, prolonged snouts with sharp, serpent like teeth and thick, scaly hides. Some Wu Jen have wings, a throwback to their genetic ancestors and have limited abilites to sustain short flights, or are aquatic and can breathe both an oxygen based atmosphere and water.

Wu Jen can vary in color from solid colors such as white, green, blue and black to metallic and even “crystal” like shades such as diamond, emerald, pearl, gold, copper, brass, and silver.

Homeworld: Xiang in the Yao Ren system.

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